This Discography is only a
small percentage of the estimated
15000 titles that Bobby Graham
has played on.


Skin Deep/Zoom, Widge And Wag (Fontana TF 52I, I/65)
Teensville/Grotty Drums (Fontana TF 667, 2/66)
Blast Off (Percussion In Space)/Malfunction
(Anchor ANC I055, I978)
Polaris/Jumpin' (Parlophone R 5027, 3/63)



Animals Baby Let Me Take You Home / Gonna Send You Back To Walker (Columbia DB 7247, 4/64)
Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / I Can't Believe It (Columbia DB 7639, 7/65)
Antoinette Jenny Let Him Go / Please Don't Hurt Me Anymore (Decca F II 820, I964)
The Bachelors I Believe/ (Decca F I I 857, I964)
The Bachelors Ramona/ (Decca F I I 9I0, I964)
The Bachelors I Wouldn't Trade You For The World/ (Decca F I I949, I964)
The Bachelors No Arms Can Ever Hold You/ (Decca F I2034, I964)
Band Of Angels Me/Not True As Yet (United Artists UP I049, I964)
John Barry Zulu Stamp / Monkey Feathers (Ember EMB S I85, I/64)
Shirley Bassey Nowhere Man
Dave Berry/Cruisers Memphis Tennessee / Tossin' And Tumin' (Decea F I I 734, I963)
Dave Berry/Cruisers My Baby Left Me / Hoochie Coochie Man (Decca F I I 803, I/64)
Dave Berry Baby It's You /  Sweet And Lovely (Decca F I I 876, I964)
Dave Berry The Crying Game / Don't Gimme No Lip Child (Decca F I I 93 7, 7/64)
Dave Berry One Heart Between Two / You're Gonnas Need Somebody (Decea F I2020, I964)
Dave Berry Little Things / I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (Decca FI2I03, I965)
Dave Berry This Strange Effect / Now (Decca F I2I88, 7/65)
Dave Berry Mama/Walk, Walk, Talk, Talk (Decca F I243 5, I966)
The Brook Brothers Trouble Is My Middle Name / Let The Good Times Roll (PYE 7N I5498)
Carter Lewis & The Southerners Sweet And Tender Romance / Who Told You? (Oriole CB I835,6/63)
Carter Lewis & The Southerners You're Mommas Out Of Town / Somebody Told My Girl(Oriole CB I868, I0/63)
Carter Lewis & The Southerners Skinny Minnie / Easy To Cry (Oriole CB I9I9, 6/64)
Chubby Checker What Do Ya Say / Something To Shout About (Cameo Parkway   P806, I963)
PetulaClark Downtown / You'd Better Love Me (PYE 7N I5772, I0/64)
Petula Clark I Know A Place / Jack And John (PYE 7N I5772, I965)
Joe Cocker I'll Cry Instead / Precious Words (Decca F I I974, 9/64)
The Countrymen I Know Where I'm Going / Swamp Legend (Piccadilly 7N 35079,I962)
David And Jonathan Michelle / How Bitter The Taste Of Love (Columbia DB 7800, SI966)
David And Jonathan Lovers Of The World Unite / Oh My Word (Columbia DB 7950, I966)
Kiki Dee Runnin' Out Of Fools / There he Goes (Fontana TF 596, I965)
Carol Deene Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? / Love Is Wonderful (HMV POP I275, I964)
Carol Deene Very First Kiss / Hard To Say Goodnight (HMV POP I337, I964)
Carol Deene Most People Do / l Can't Forget Someone Like You (HMV POP I405, I965)
Carol Deene He Just Don't Know / Up In The Penthouse (Columbia DB                               7743, I965)
Carol Deene Dancing In Your Eyes / Please Don't Be Unfaithful Again (Columbia DB 7890,I966)
The Dennisons Walkin' The Dog / You Don't Know What Love Is (Decca F I I 880, I964)
Charles Dickens That's The Way Love Goes / In The City (PYE 7N I5887, I965)
Charles Dickens So Much In Love / Our Soul Brothers (Immediate IM 025, 2/66)
Bern Elliot/Fenmen Money / Nobody But Me (Decca F I I 770, I963)
Bern Elliot/Fenmen New Orleans / Everybody Needs A Little Love (Decea F I I 852, I964)
Marianne Faithfull Come And Stay With Me / What Have I Done Wrong? (Decca F I2075,2/65)
The First Gear A Certain Girl / Leave My Kitten Alone (PYE 7N I5703, I0/64)
The First Gear The 'In' Crowd / Gotta Make Their Future Bright (PYE 7N I5763, I/65)
Fleur-De-Lys Moondreams / Wait For Me (Immediate IM 020, II/65)
Fleur-De-Lys Circles / So Come On (Immediate IM 032, 3/66)
The Fortunes You've Got Your Troubles / I've Got To Go (Decca F I2I73, I965)
The Fortunes Here It Comes Again / Things I Should Have Known (Decca F I2243, I965)
The Fortunes This Golden Ring / Someone To Care (Decca F I232I, I966)
Jackie Frisco When You Ask About Love / He's So Near (Decca F II692, I963)
Billy Fury Like I've never Been Gone / What Do You Think You're Doing? (Decca F I I 5 82, I963)
Billy Fury n Summer / I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Decca F I I 70I, I963)
Billy Fury I Will / Nothin' Shakin' (Decca F I I 888, 4/64)
Billy Fury It's Only Make Believe /  Baby What you Want Me To Do? (Decca F I I 93 9, I964)
Billy Fury Give Me Your Word / She's So Far Out, She's In (Decca F I2459, 7/66)
Wayne Gibson Come On Let's Go / Pop The Whip (Decca F II800, I/64)
Wayne Gibson See You Later Alligator / Kelly (Decca F I5680, 8/64)
Johnny B. Great Acapulco I922 / You'll Never Leave Him (Decca F I I804, I964)
Earl Guest Begin The Beguine / Foxy (Columbia DB 72I2, I964)
The Hairy Ones Get Off My Cloud (France EP, Barclay 70898, 9/65)
Francoise Hardy Je N'Attends Plus Personne (France EP, Vogue EPL 8290, I964)
Francoise Hardy Je Veux Qu'il Revienne (France EP, Vogue EPL 829I, I964)
Francoise Hardy Dis Lui Non (France EP, Vogue EPL 8346, I965)
Francoise Hardy However Much (France EP Vogue EPL 8348, I965)
Hedgehoppers Anonymous It's Good News Week / Afraid Of Love (Decca F I224I, 9/65)
Herman's Hermits Silhouettes / Can't You Hear My Heartbeat (Columbia DB 7475, 2/65)
Benny Hill Harvest Of Love / Fame (PYE 7N I5520, I962)
Vince Hill The Rivers Run Dry [Not Any More (Piccadilly 7N 35043, I962)
The Ivy League Funny How Love Can Be / Lonely Room (Piccadilly 7N 35222, I965)
The Ivy League That's Why I'm Crying / A Girl Like You (Piccadilly 7N 35228, I965)
The Ivy League Tossing And Turning / Graduation day (Piccadilly 7N 3525I, I965)
Glyn Johns Mary Anne / Like Grains Of Yellow Sand (Immediate IM 0 I 3, II/65)
Tom Jones Chills And Fever / Breathless (Decca F I I966, I964)
Tom Jones It's Not Unusual / To Wait For Love (Decca F I2062 I/65)
Jimmy Justice Spanish Harlem  / Write Me A Letter (PYE 7N I5457, I962)
Eden Kane Boys Cry / Don't Come Cryin' To Me (Fontana TF 438, I964)
The Kinks Long Tall Sally / I Took My Baby Home (PYE 7N I56II, 3/64)
The Kinks You Still Want Me / You Do Something To Me (PYE 7N I5636, 5/64)
The Kinks You Really Got Me / It's Alright (PYE 7N I5673, 8/64)
The Kinks All Day And All Of The Night / l Gotta Move (PYE 7N I57I4, I0/64)
The Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You / Come On Now (PYE 7N I5759, I/65)
Kathy Kirby Dance On/Playboy (Decca F I I 682, I963)
Kathy Kirby Secret Love / You Have To Want To Touch Him (Decca F I I 759, I963)
Kathy Kirby Let Me Go, Lover / The Sweetest Sounds (Decca F I I 832, I964)
Kathy Kirby You're The One / Love Me Baby (Decca F II892, I964)
The Lancastrians The World Keeps Going Round / Not The Same Anymore (PYE 7N I5732, II/64)
Brenda Lee Is It True /  What I'd Say (Brunswick 059I5, I964)
Lulu Here Comes The Night / That's Really Some Good (Decca F I20I7, I964)
Lulu & Luvvers Surprise Surprise / Satisfied (Decca F I2I28, 4/65)
Lulu Leave A Little Love / He Don't Want Your Love Anymore (Decca F I2I69, I965)
Jackie Lynton I Believe / The Girl In the Wood (Piccadilly 7N 35I07, I963)
Jackie Lynton Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/Teddy Bears Picnic (Piccadilly 7N 35I40, I963)
Jackie Lynton I'm Talkin' About You / Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Piccadilly 7N 35I56, I963)
Jackie Lynton Little Child [ Never A Mention (Piccadilly 7N 35I77, 3/64)
Jackie Lynton Laura / Ebb Tide (Piccadilly 7N 35I90, I964)
Jackie Lynton Three Blind Mice / Corrina Corrina (Decca F I2052, I965)
The Majority Pretty Little Girl / I Don't Wanna Be Hurt No More (Decca F I2I86, 7/65)
The Marauders That's What I Wan t / Hey, What'd You Say? (Decca F II695, 6/63)
Eddy Mitchell Ma Maitresse D'Ecole (France EP, Barclay 70587, I963)
Eddy Mitchell Sentimentale (France EP, Barclay 70602, I963)
Eddy Mitchell Pas De Chance (France EP, Barclay 70646, I964)
Eddy Mitchell Pepose Beethoven (France EP, Barclay 70654, I964)
Eddy Mitchell Je Defedrai Mon Amour (France EP, Barclay 70687, I964)
Eddy Mitchell Everything Alright (France EP, Barclay 70746, I964)
Eddy Mitchell J'ai Perdu Mon Amour (France EP, Barclay 7077I, I965)
Eddy Mitchell J T'en Veux D'etre Belle (France EP, Barclay 70829, I965)
Eddy Mitchell What I'd Say / Les Filles Des Magazines (France, Londres 65)
Mickie Most Mr Porter / Yes Indeed I Do (Decca F I I 664, 6/63)
Mickie Most The Feminine Look / Shame On You Boy (Columbia DB 7II7, 9/63)
The Nashville Teens Tobacco Road / I Like I like That (Decca F II930, 6/64)
The Nashville Teens Google Eye / T.N.T. (Decca F I2000, I0/64)
Janice Nicholls I'll Give It Five / The Wednesbury Madison (Decca F I I 5 86, I963)
Patsy Arm Noble I Did Nothing Wrong / Better late Than Never (Columbia DB 7258, I964)
Patsy Arm Noble Private Property / Crack In The Door (Columbia DB 73I8, I964)
Patsy Arm Noble Tiied Up With Mary / Green Eyed People (Columbia DB 7386, I964)
The Orchids Love Hit Me / Don't Make Me Sad (Decca F II785, II/63)
The Outsiders Keep On Doing It / Songs We Sang Last Summer (Decea F I22I3, 8/65)
The Overlanders Summer Skies And Golden Sands / Call Of The Wild (PYE 7N I5544)
Jimmy Page She Just Satisfies / Keep Moving (Fontana TF 533, I965)
Gregory Phillips Angie / Please Believe Me (PYE 7N I5546, 9/63)
Gregory Phillips Down In The Boondocks / That's The One (Immediate IM 004, 8/65)
Gene Pitney That Girl Belongs To Yesterday / Who Needs It? (United Artists UP I045, I964)
The Poets Now We're Thru / There Are Some (Decea F II995, I0/64)
Brian Poole/Tremoloes Twist And Shout / We Know (Decca F II694, I963)
Brian Poole/Tremoloes Do You Love Me? / Why Can't You Love Me? (Decca F I I 694, I963)
Michel Polnareff La Poupee Qui Fait Non (France, EP, AZ EP I024, 5/66)
Michel Polnareff Sous Quelle Etoile Suis-Je Ne? (France, EP, AZ EP I068, II/66)
Brian Poole/ Tremoloes Candy Man / l Wish I Could Dance (Decca F I I 823, I/64)
Adrienne Poster Shang A Doo Lang / When A Girl Really Loves You (Decca F I I 864, I964)
Jimmy Powell Sugar Babe / I've Been Watching You (PYE 7N I5735, II/64)
Pretty Things Rosalyn / Big Boss Man (Fontana TF 469, 7/64)
Pretty Things Don't Bring Me Down / We'll Be Together (Fontana TF 503, I0/64)
Pretty Things Honey I Need / I Can Never Say (Fontana TF 537, 2/65)
Pretty Things Cry To Me / Get A Buzz (Fontana TF 585, 7/65)
Pretty Things Midnight To Six man / Can't Stand The Pain (Fontana TF 647, I2/65)
P.J. Proby Hold Me / The Tips Of My Fingers (Decea F I I 904, 5/64)
P.J. Proby Together / Sweet And Tender Romance (Decca F II967, 8/64)
P.J. Proby Somewhere / Just Like Him (Liberty LIB I0 I 82, I964)
The Quatations Alright Baby / Love You All Over Again (Decca F II 907, 5/64)
Tommy Quickly  The Wild Side Of Life / Forget The Other Guy (PYE 7N I5708, I964)
Chris Ravel And The Ravers I I Do / Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat (Decca F I I 696, 7/63
The Redcaps Talkin' Bout You / Come On Girl (Decca F II789, I2/63)
Les Reed Combo Spanish Armada / Madrid (Fontana TF 455, I964)
Les Reed Orchestra The Little Leprechaun / Come Take My Hand (Fontana TF496, I964)
Chris Sandford Not Too Little - Not Too Much / I'm Lookin' (Decca F I I 778, II/63)
Shirley And Johnny I Don't Want To Know /It Must Be Love (Parlophone R5I49, I964)
The Sneekers I Just Can't Go To Sleep / Bald Headed Woman (Columbia DB 7385, I0/64)
Dusty Springfield I Only Want To Be With You / Once Upon A Time (Phillips BF I292, I963)
Dusty Springfield Stay Awhile / Something Special (Phillips BF I3I3, I964)
Dusty Springfield I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / My Colouring Book (Phillips BF I348, I964)
Dusty Springfield In The Middle Of Nowhere / Baby Don't You Know (Phillips BF I4I8, I965)
Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To say You Love Me / Every Ounce Of Strength (Phillips BF I482, I966
Rod Stewart  Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (Decca F I I 996, I0/64
Barry St. John Bread And Butter / Cry To Me (Decea F I I 975, I964)
Crispian St. Peters You Were On My Mind /  What I'm Gonna Be (Decca F I2287, II/65)
Crispian St. Peters Pied Piper / Sweet Dawn, My True Love (Decca F I2359, 3/66)
Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde Yesterday's Gone / Lemon Tree (Ember EMB S I 80, I963)
The Talismen Masters Of War / Casting My Spell (Stateside SS 408, 4/65)
Them Baby Please Don't Go / Gloria (Decca F I2I08, II/64)
Them Here Comes The Night / All For Myself (Decca F I2094, 3/65)
Them Call My Name / Bring 'Em On In (Decca F I23 5 5, 3/66)
Twinkle Tommy / So Sad (Decca F I2I3 9, I965)
The Vemon's Girls Do The Bird / I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down (Decca F I I 629, I963)
The Walker Brothers Make It Easy On Yourself / But I Do (Phillips BF I428, 8/65)
The Walker Brothers The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore / After The Lights Go Out (Phillips BF I473, 2/66)
The Zephyrs   I Can Tell / Sweet little Baby (Columbia DB 7I99, I/64)  
Russ Hambleton We will make love
Alan Haven Image/Romance On The North Sea (UK, Fontana TF 267 428, I965)
In-Betweens Feel So Fine (France EP, Barclay 70907, I2/65)
In-Betweens Take A Heart (France EP, with The Hills, Barclay 70987, I965)
The Bachelors Bachelors Girls (Decca LK 4827, I966)
John Barry Zulu (Ember NR 50I2, I964)
John Barry Goldfinger (United Artists (S)ULP I052, I964)
Dave Berry Dave Berry (Decca LK 4827, I964)
Charles Blackwell Orchestra Classics With A Beat (Germany, Electrola SHZE I7I, I964)
Bojoura Night Flight Night Sight (Holland, Polydor 236 I69, I968)
The Everly Brothers Two Yanks In England (Warner Brothers W/WS I646, I966)
Marianne Faithfull Come My Way (Decca LK 4688, 4/65)
Davy Graham The Guitar Player (Golden Guinea GGL 0224, I962)
The Kinks The Kinks (PYE NPL I8096, I964)
Kathy Kirby Make Someone Happy (Decca LK4746, I965)
London All Star British Percusssion (France, Barclay BB86, I965)
Lulu & Luvvers  Something To Shout About (Decca LK 47I9, I965)
Eddy Mitchell Du Rock 'n' Roll An Rhythn 'n' Blues (France, Barclay 80259, 5/65)
Monty Norrnan Dr. No (United Artists (S)ULP I097, I963)
Andrew Oldham Orch I6 Hip Hits (Ace Of Clubs ACL I I 80, I964)
P.J. Proby I Am (Liberty LBY I235, I964)
Pretty Things The Pretty Things (Fontana TL 5239, 3/65)
Pretty Things Get The Picture (Fontana TL 5280, I2/65)
Dusty Springfield A Girl Called Dusty (Phillips (S)BL 7594, I964)
Crispian St. Peters Follow Me (Decca LK 4805, I966)
Various Artists   Gonks Go Beat soundtrack (Decea LK 4673, I964)  
Singles (Holland Unless Stated)
Dave Berry Night Of The Fly/This Strange Effect/Now (Southern 5C 06 25808, I977)
Boots In The Beginning/No Part Of It (Phillips 334 647 JF, I968)
Annette & Victor Brox I've Got The World In A Jug/Wake me And Shake Me (UK, Fontana TF 536, I965
Buffoons The Radio Song/Bye, Bye, Bye (Imperial IH 86I)
Choice Tropic Island/The Stealer (wr) (Southern, I977)
KerTy Clarke My Kind Of World/It Ain't No Use (UK, Fontana TF538, I965)
Toby Collar Tallahassee Lassie/Two Girls Are waiting (Polydor S I286)
Billy Dean Love A Dub/You AreEverything To Me (Negram NG 2263, I977)
Euson And Stax A Fool or You/Better Time's Coming (Imperial 5C 006 24I37)
Will Ferdy De Zeven Laatste Dagen (a only) (Arcade 5084)
Le Frizzy One My First Day Without You (France, EP Barclay, I966)
Gloria Tides of Life/Bitter Sweet (Phillips 334 6I6 JF)
Gloria Wild Bird/To Make My father Proud (Imperial 5C 00624073 M)
Gloria The Last Seven Days/Merry Dance (UK, Columbia DB8565, I969)
Golden Earrings That Day/The Words I Need (Polydor 42I 023, I966)
Marc Grey Green Grass/My First Day Without You (UK, Mercury MF 920, I966)
The Haigs From Now On/Hey Baby (Polydor I220)
Russ Hambleton We will make love
Alan Haven Image/Romance On The North Sea (UK, Fontana TF 267 428, I965)
In-Betweens Feel So Fine (France EP, Barclay 70907, I2/65)
In-Betweens Take A Heart (France EP, with The Hills, Barclay 70987, I965)
Jazz Band Original Dixieland One Step/Please, Sir (Imperial SC 006 2422I)
Ritchie Lane Lazy/Lack of Money (co-wr) (Ariola I0 44I AT)
Left Side Johnny/Silly Girl (Imperial SC 006 24I38)
Robert Long and Unit Gloria Back In The Sun/See That Fool (Imperial 5C 006 24232)
Robert Long Children of Peace/Silent Night/Ave Maria (Imperila 5C 006 24264)
Manchester's Playboys How To Find A Lover (France, EP Barclay, I966)
Frans Mejts & The Partyhoppers  Kant En Klaar/Circus (Phillips 334 606 JF, I968)
Nicky And Ricky Bells of Nabone/The Frightening Faces (Imperial SC 006-24268)
Nick Mackenzie One Night Stand/Hope For Better Times (Southern 5C 006-25735, I977)
Myacks Messing With The Man (France, EP, Barclay, I966)
Opus Master Of My Fate/Cucumber Sandwiches (Imperial 5C 006 24057 M)
Opus Gotta Get High/A Bas L'Etat (Imperial 5C 006 24255)
Opus Baby, Come On/Angela Grey (Dutch TD 2004, I970)
Patricia Paay Photograph/Fisherman King (Imperial 5C 006 24I06 M)
Popera Because I Love You/Something (Imperial SC 006 24040 M)
Mandy Rice-Davies Mandy (EP, Ember EMB 4537, I964)
Rowdies Winter's Coming On/She's My Sunshine Girl (Injection TAR 6I030)
The Sheperds Richard Cory/Sausilito (Imperial SC 006 24II2 M)
Feme Wessel Thank You For Calling/More then enough (Southern)
The Yetties   The Dorset Juggemaut/Watercress (UK, Decca FI3796, I978) 
Albums (Holland Unless Stated)
II.59 This Is Our Sacrifice Of Praise (UK, Dovetail Dove 4, I974)
The Advocats The Advocats (UK, Dovetail Dove I, I973)
The Alethians RSVP (UK, Myrrh Gold MYRI02, I973) (drums)
The Buffoons Lookin' Ahead (Imperial SALI 8007, I967)
The Buffoons In Perfect Harmony (Imperial 5C 054.2405I, I968)
Jannette Carruthers Happiness Is The Lord (UK, Word WST 95II, I973)
Motke Dagan Motke Dagan (Imperial 5C054.24097, I968)
Met -Ad Van de Gem In De Cocktail Corner (Imperial 5C 054-24I68, I969)
Gloria Mea Semper Vivet Gloria (Imperial 5C 054.24072, I968)
Group 5 En Direct From Liverpool (France, Barclay, I964)
Ishmael and Andy Ready Salted (UK, Myrrh Gold MYRI005, I973)
Peter Jackson New Moods (UK, Word WST9505, I973) (drums)
Peter Jackson In Concert (UK, Word WST 9506, I973)
Vernon Kinkead Born Again (UK, Echo ECRO05, I975) (drums)
Robert Long The Is Robert Long and Unit Gloria (Imperial 5C054.243I4, I969)
Dave Pope Time To Take Account (UK, Myrrh Gold MYRI003, I973)  
The Shepherds Something New (Imperial 5C062.24I67, I969)
The Yetties In Concert (UK, Decca SKL53II, I979I@ Yesterday Today Forever (UK, Dove I70, I975)